Guild Wars 2 Final Beta Weekend Event

LoD will be playing this upcoming weekend on the Stormbluff Isle server. You can view a list of guilds and what server they will be playing on at this google docs link. See you in the zergfest! Place: WvW Arena Date: Friday, July 20th 2012 Time: 12:00pm pst / 3:00pm est Bring: Tissues for all the tears Still haven’t downloaded the client for the final BWE? Download it here!

LoD server moved to Chicago

Our server was temporarily in California while a Chicago IP address opened up. So we are now located in Chicago and it should give it more balanced ping not only for those in the US, but those in Eastern Europe and Canada as well. The server status bar on the right will be updated in the coming days. The new Battlelog link is: It is currently playing alternating Small Conquest and Rush game modes! Get in there and start fragging!

LoD Official 64 Player Server

Come join our 64 player Battlefield 3 server!! The name of the server in battlelog is: “24/7 Conquest [LoD] [Reddit RUGC]” The public mumble info is: port 64738 Good teamwork requires good communication! We are teamed up with the RUGC to provide a public mumble for anyone that wants to work together on our server! Stay up to date with BF3 news and info and gather with fellow RUGC members. Go here! We also have server specific stats and top 10 player stats available. Click here to goto our gametracker website and view your player statistics. Current Top 10…