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LoD in Last Oasis! (3/27/2020) - Lords of Death has decided to check out Last Oasis while waiting on the Crowfall Beta. The first day had tons of PVP action some of which you can see… READ MORE

LoD Crowfall Recruitment Video (3/14/2020) - Check out our Crowfall Recruitment Video. Application and Discord links are on the homepage. https://youtu.be/ONkjQUsYitE READ MORE
Crowfall 3 Way PVP Fights! (2/7/2020) - An epic night of 3 way Crowfall PVP Fort Fights. https://youtu.be/TDXwpdRWvvQ READ MORE
LoD Featured in Crowfall Live Stream (1/12/2020) - LoD was featured in the January 2020 Crowfall Q&A Live Stream! Start at 2:36 in the video below! https://youtu.be/uH9v7JPliwg?t=156 READ MORE