Lords of Death

We Make Dead People.

Lords of Death


The Flank at Karlsbach (8/12/2019) - Lords of Death defends Karlsbach against the invading Latinos House! https://youtu.be/ClmvjXTFcvk READ MORE

LoD in The Borderlands (8/1/2019) - We have made our move into The Borderlands with the alliance and there wasn't any resistance. In the coming weeks… READ MORE
Recruitment Open for Conqueror’s Blade! (7/9/2019) - LoD is recruiting for Conqueror's Blade! We've been playing since the open beta launch and have already made some noise… READ MORE
Fair and Balanced (7/9/2019) - Here is Thorin making short work of some nubs. Check out his amazing fight and the rage he probably created.… READ MORE


Conqueror’s Blade Weekly News (7/9/2019) - Here is a quick overview of what has been going on and things to come. The new unit update hit… READ MORE