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Lords of Death


Flitter in Hunt : Showdown (11/18/2019) - Watch the ambiguously gay duo known as Flitter (Flea & Bitter) in their latest Flitter Flick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqNQc68hM5g READ MORE

ArcheAge Unchained (9/26/2019) - Next stop on the LoD Pain Train will be ArcheAge Unchained. Many LoD skipped ArcheAge the first time around because… READ MORE
The Flank at Karlsbach (8/12/2019) - Lords of Death defends Karlsbach against the invading Latinos House! https://youtu.be/ClmvjXTFcvk READ MORE
LoD in The Borderlands (8/1/2019) - We have made our move into The Borderlands with the alliance and there wasn't any resistance. In the coming weeks… READ MORE