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Lords of Death


Crowfall War Story of the Week! (1/10/2021) - Death vs. HAX vs. CC/UXA/Valeria As we (Death) approach the fort we find DiS/HaX already fighting CC/Valeria. We flank around the backside of the fort to sandwich DiS/HaX between us… READ MORE

Crowfall Fort Fights (12/29/2020) - LoD has been doing a lot of small to medium scale Fort Fights in Crowfall. Here are a few of… READ MORE
ZERGED! Crowfall Keep Defense (11/21/2020) - Crowfall's War Story of the Week: https://crowfall.com/en-US/warstories/we-got-zerged The outnumbered Death Alliance takes on DiS + YBR + HaX defending our… READ MORE
Outnumbered Keep Defense : Death vs. WHoADiS (10/17/2020) - During a stress test event 60 Death Alliance defend our keep from 90 WHoADiS Alliance. https://youtu.be/f3U2dLeah-w https://youtu.be/StXsP-MQecw READ MORE