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Lords of Death


ArcheAge Unchained (9/26/2019) - Next stop on the LoD Pain Train will be ArcheAge Unchained. Many LoD skipped ArcheAge the first time around because of heavy P2W and RNG but new publisher Gamigo Games… READ MORE

The Flank at Karlsbach (8/12/2019) - Lords of Death defends Karlsbach against the invading Latinos House! https://youtu.be/ClmvjXTFcvk READ MORE
LoD in The Borderlands (8/1/2019) - We have made our move into The Borderlands with the alliance and there wasn't any resistance. In the coming weeks… READ MORE
Recruitment Open for Conqueror’s Blade! (7/9/2019) - LoD is recruiting for Conqueror's Blade! We've been playing since the open beta launch and have already made some noise… READ MORE


Conqueror’s Blade Weekly News (7/9/2019) - Here is a quick overview of what has been going on and things to come. The new unit update hit… READ MORE