Lords of Death

We Make Dead People.

Lords of Death


War Story Threepeat and BETA Launch (8/9/2020) - This was an exciting week for Crowfall. Not only did LoD get our third warstory of the week in a row ACE also announced beta will start on August 11th!… READ MORE

Another Week, Another War Story (7/31/2020) - The video of the massive 150 player siege LoD participated in was chosen for War Story of the Week! https://crowfall.com/en-US/warstories/150-Player-Crowfall-PVP-Siege-Gameplay… READ MORE
Crowfall War Story of the Week! (7/23/2020) - 12 LoD vs. 17 Corvus Citadel Fort Defense was chosen as the war story of the week. https://community.crowfall.com/topic/27727-war-story-of-the-week-fort-defense-dregs-pvp-gameplay/ https://youtu.be/PmlDNu1pSbo READ MORE
Crowfall Dregs Showcase Featuring LoD (7/15/2020) - LoD participated in showing off the Guild vs. Guild Dregs ruleset in Crowfall which was featured on Gamestar's "Find Your… READ MORE