Crowfall War Story of the Week!

Death vs. HAX vs. CC/UXA/Valeria As we (Death) approach the fort we find DiS/HaX already fighting CC/Valeria. We flank around the backside of the fort to sandwich DiS/HaX between us and CC/Valeria. We score a few kills but then see a group of UXA (who are allied with CC/Valeria) approaching from behind us. In order to not get sandwiched ourselves we back away from the fort and loop around to the opposite side to finish off the remaining HAX/DiS. Then a standoff begins between Death and CC/UXA/Valeria. Death was outnumbered roughly 2:1. We scored a lot of kills but we…

ZERGED! Crowfall Keep Defense

Crowfall’s War Story of the Week: The outnumbered Death Alliance takes on DiS + YBR + HaX defending our keep. Just as we begin to put the attackers on the defensive the rest of the zerg arrives when W+HoA show up. Coincidence? I think not. The zerg won this time but it took the entire server working against us.