First War Story of Crowfall Launch – Dregs Siege Bait!

LoD was featured in the first War Story of Crowfall Launch! This video is a little different in that it’s not a full-on PVP Brawl but rather some strategy. Death Alliance sets out to siege Winterblades castle but we don’t really have enough people to take it head-on. So instead we employ a bit of strategy, some bait, some misdirection, to try to pull off some city destruction instead.

Victory in the Krienti Campaign!

LoD and the Death Alliance secured victory in the Crowfall Krienti Campaign with an epic night of sieges. The night begins at the end of the fort window, just prior to keep/castle sieges starting. We, The Death Alliance, setup between our fort and keep in Azelish so we could respond to any assault. Our scouts pickup Winterblades heading to the fort at the end of the window so we rush to the fort and stream roll them! After the fort fight we rally at the keep in Azelish. Our castle in Alagorane was also live at this time so we…