Death is Victorious!

The Death Alliance was victorious in the month long Crowfall “Inguzelan” campaign. It was a hard fought campaign. We captured 3 keeps, 1 from the HAX and Dissentient alliance and 2 from the Spectre Legion, Valeria and Acolytes Alliance. We defend our keeps numerous times including two heavily outnumbered defenses against HAX and Dissentient. One of the outnumbered keep defenses was named Crowfall’s War Story of the Week!

Crowfall War Story of the Week!

Death vs. HAX vs. CC/UXA/Valeria As we (Death) approach the fort we find DiS/HaX already fighting CC/Valeria. We flank around the backside of the fort to sandwich DiS/HaX between us and CC/Valeria. We score a few kills but then see a group of UXA (who are allied with CC/Valeria) approaching from behind us. In order to not get sandwiched ourselves we back away from the fort and loop around to the opposite side to finish off the remaining HAX/DiS. Then a standoff begins between Death and CC/UXA/Valeria. Death was outnumbered roughly 2:1. We scored a lot of kills but we…

ZERGED! Crowfall Keep Defense

Crowfall’s War Story of the Week: The outnumbered Death Alliance takes on DiS + YBR + HaX defending our keep. Just as we begin to put the attackers on the defensive the rest of the zerg arrives when W+HoA show up. Coincidence? I think not. The zerg won this time but it took the entire server working against us.