Lords of Death

We Make Dead People.

Looking to join LoD?

LoD does not actively recruit. No one has ever been recruited from the forums, so don’t make your case there. Thats just asking for ridicule. Take it upon yourself to find us ingame if you’re serious about gaming with us. We sponsor people who have been around long enough for us to know they will fit in, and those who have topnotch PK/PvP skills with a guild first attitude. We do not sponsor people who will only be active in this guild for one game, rather we look for LoD4Life potential. Know that we’re a bunch of jackasses, gankers, griefers, PKers, and some of the best talent you’ll find PvP’ing in any MMORPG we step foot in. While we have honor amongst ourselves, outsiders are nothing but fodder for us.

It’s not easy to get into this guild, but if you’re still interested, here’s how you go about it. Find or contact us ingame, get to know us and more importantly let us get to know you. PvP with us, and if we like your style someone might step up to offer you sponsorship. We do not have a person responsible for recruiting, so don’t bother with petitioning LoD leadership. You’ll need two sponsors and at least one of those must be a Lord.

Phases of Membership:

-Initiate: During the initiation phase we normally break your balls to see if you have thick skin and are fun to play games with.
-Member: You’ve made it to semi-permanent status in the guild. Members enjoy all the benefits of being LoD, but are not involved in the decision making process.
-Adept: You’re recognized as a loyal guild member who goes above and beyond to help LoD dominate in any game we play. The Adept rank is also our pool for future Lords.
-Lord: You’re now recognized for your achievements and contributions, and are now a permanent guildmate. Your actions represent the guild and every Lord helps shape the guild for the next generation of gamers.