Lords of Death

We Make Dead People.

LoD activity

Games we are currently playing:
Arma 2 – Day Zero Mod
Diablo 3

Games we plan on playing:
Guild Wars 2
Shadowbane EMU (Depending on release date)

Story from Day Zero (as told by Rainman):

I’ve found myself a knife, firewood, and matches in a 2 story brick house. I decided I should head to the north of town and find myself a cow to eat. I’m heading north and I see another survivor. He looks like a pussy, tiny backpack, no rifle over his shoulder. I’ll let him live, right now I only have the taste for beef. I follow the survivor for a good quarter mile before he realizes there is somebody standing behind him. He looks at me like he wants to shoot me, but knows I could have shot him in the back anytime I wanted, so we continue onward as best friends. I let him take point. I don’t like strangers behind me!

Continuing another quarter mile up the farmland I spot a bandit in the distance about to cap my new best friend. So I start to flank him and I notice he has a sniper buddy watching his ass up on a hill. Then I notice he has another survivor friend hiding behind bushes. They killed my new best friend, but I guess I got so close to them during my flank that they thought I was one of them.

They all ran up to the top of the hill and met up with their group of about 8-10 guys! Good thing I didn’t open fire on them earlier! Apparently I’ve blended in with the group and they don’t know I’m not one of them. They are b-lining through the forest, meeting up with more dudes, it looked like there was about 12-15 guys total. All of a sudden they stop and everyone lays down on the ground at the same time! Oh shit, they’re trying to weed me out in mumble! So I copy them move for move. I jump on the ground and prone. Then they all got on their knees and started looking North-East, so I got on my knees and did the same. I guess I was convincing enough, because we all stood back up and continued traveling the way we were going.

I was looking around the group and not one guy had anything less than a machine gun in his hands. Some guys had uzi’s in their hands and high powered snipers on their back. I only had the starter pistol and 3 rounds of ammo.

They were starting to brag in general chat about how big and awesome their group was, and that they were frapsing this ‘epic moment’. I saw that everyone was lining up in front of a guy who I assume is the camera man. They were so organized like little ducks I knew I had to get on the end of the line. Just as everyone was about to say “Cheese”. I turned to my right and lined up everyones heads and plowed their faces. I jumped down prone real quick and it appeared only one guy knew who even started the shooting. I reloaded and started unloaded into the mass of people now laying on the ground. I think I got the 3rd reload off and a couple shots before I was overwhelmed.