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LoD claims first guild and city on na server

Darkfall1_SeaTowersThe Lords of Death are off to a fast start by claiming the first guild and city on the NA server.  Also, the push for character development is well underway.  People are grinding hard to get their character ahead of the rest and taking off work or calling in sick.  That’s dedication.  Meanwhile, I hear treasure maps are being lost and found, bags being “misplaced”, and certain people having trouble killing Hivekin.

So far the population of the game seems to be higher then I ever remember in Darkfall 1.  Maybe early DF1 launch was close but with the new prowess system people will be more willing to play and possibly find this game through Steam.  Unfortunately, I cannot talk too much about what we are doing because of obvious reasons but for all you casual players or new members, make sure you get in contact with a Lord and get the proper grinding information on mobs and areas.  Keep grinding.

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