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LoD vs Lotd the 14 year one sided rivalry

Our latest edition of this rivalry took place in Darkfall, and started here in early 2009 in this thread: http://forums.darkfallonline.com/showthread.php?p=2833555#post2833555 . To sum it up Lotd had decided to not move forward in Darkfall officially because Hades felt the game would not last longer than three months. Lotd entered the game as COCK, here is my response to them in that thread:
“To me this sounds like you don’t want use the LOTD tag because you would not want to record your impending utter failure under the LOTD moniker. I would assume no matter what really happens in about three years you will add Darkfall to your guild history and claim you conqured the Alfar region and were the number one Alfar guild in AGON!
Whatever tag you fly we will crush your guild…… “

Lords of Death Clan Member

As predicted Lotd has officially left Darkfall on the lamest excuses that I have ever heard:
Here is a link the whole thread: http://forums.darkfallonline.com/showthread.php?t=235013

“Enya (LotD AGM), Niir (PvP Leader), and myself have decided to step down from leadership and have the LotD Darkfall Chapter go “Unofficial”. In LotD, for the chapter (game) to be “Official” you need to have an active Elder, like myself, in charge”

“Regretfully I will not be able to continue to put the needed effort into leading LotD or the Cairnivores in DF. I’ve decided that I will be coaching my daughter’s softball team instead of leading like I have in DF. We had the draft Wednesday night and since the other coaches got all the good players, it looks like I’ll need to migrate my skills to the real world (Bad News Bears). I signed up to assist and they roped me into being the Coach alone. For the next few months, I will be spending most of my evenings helping. I’m sure everyone can understand that Daughter > Darkfall”

“For those not aware, I left LoD about 15 yrs ago to join LotD, best decision I ever made”
Saurcon LotD
xGM – Darkfall Online, Shadowbane, Age of Conan, & WoW (sorta)

The real reason they left the game is due to their carebear alliance breaking up. We crushed them at Eslinger and we could take any of their holdings at anytime. They have already declined a 5v5 vs LoD. Lotd could not ever stand alone, they always needed Merc guilds and a large alliance to do any thing in this game. I would have enjoyed some GvG action against them but they won’t fight unless they have better then 3 to 1 odds. What really makes me laugh is Saurcon saying the best decision he ever made was leaving LoD, I guess he likes to be in a guild that has there shit pushed in every time they cross our path.

Are the lotd guild elder’s to busy gaying it up in Aion, Star Trek and WoW?
The most hardcore FFA PVP game since UO and your guild has only 3 leaders playing it?
Please go post up some more Aion accomplishments.
Next thing Saurcon is going to say is that he just got a new dog and needs to leave the game to spend more time on puppy training.

Here is a classic quote from Rainman responding to Saurcon calling us a zerg (Lotds alliance was top 3 on membership and held the most holdings and was in the process of making there zerg even larger, have not seen a zerg that big since King Mannus)

If we were interested in being a zerg we wouldn’t have broke off from the alliance with over 30 holdings to live in just 1 city all by ourselves with our closest friends. You can revise history all you want and I won’t argue. Just like I’m not going to argue with a down syndrome kid when he claims he is a genius. You can be whatever you want in your own mind. As long as it puts a smile on that special face…

Question, did you take personal grammar lessons from hades to type long winded paragraphs exactly like he would or did you just change your name so when you got pounded out of darkfall you could claim you weren’t involved??

Look Hades-2. It’s been 14 years since LoTD has been trying to beat LoD in an MMO. Statistically speaking, out of all the games you have followed us into and attempted to beat us, you should have won at least once in the last 5096 days. That’s 0 for 5096.

I think (big IF, just giving you guys the benefit of the doubt) you might have won a couple battles 5-10 years ago, but you have never won a war, or any important fight that matters. You have never beat us, and its starting to get sad. Time and time again though, if Lotd is in the same game, on the same server. LoD pushes them out, or according to Hades-2, we “set them free to join other guilds”.

Don’t believe us? Why don’t you do a count on how many members we have that used to be LoTD over the last 14 years. Everytime you guys fail your best members normally ask to join us and you are left with finding new scrubs. Now, how many guys over the last 14 years have left LoD for LotD????

Good luck revising the future. Success comes from the pie charts within.