Lords of Death

We Make Dead People.

Mar Shral Attacked – A story by Teriya LoD

A quiet evening in the Motherland quickly turned violent as a swarm of Empire infiltrates the city and wreaks havoc upon the denizens and harvesters of the Death Alliance in the capital city of Mar Shral!The alert was immediately sounded and guardians from around the world teleported to the city to wage battle against the Empire scum. A highly trained group of LoD coordinated the defense of the town. Two lethal squads entered the city from the north and the south. The enemy was wide-eyed with terror. The southernmost group swiftly corralled the rag-tag Empire Army towards the north where the northern squad skillfully executed a pincer maneuver. A group of 15 repelled the invading force of 14 and made short work of their clumsy tactics. Like bees savoring the sweet nectar of flowers, bodies upon bodies full of loot attracted the defenders ’til nothing was left on the corpse but fishing poles and shovels once the siege was lifted.

Bitter LOD comments, “Scouts initially reported two enemies were within our boundaries, but later reports came back revealing that 14 [Empire] were ransacking the city,” he went on to say, “I could see the whites of their eyes as we charged into them and forced them into our 2nd team, masterfully executing a ‘pincher,’ or ‘sandwich,’ maneuver. Or as I used to say in college, the ‘She-is-passed-out-let’s-go-for-it’ move.”

Our Glorious Leader, Psylon LOD, fought valiantly alongside Bitter during the battle and at one point found himself amongst six enemies, not a friendly face in sight. They were no match for his graceful maneuvers, his forceful blows, his fiercesome battle-cries. After the battle, he created a spirit link with the Empire leader and interrogated him as to why his army had entered the Motherland with such
malice. The Empire leader responded, “Out of the four cities we marched into, yours was the only one that mounted a defense,” and continued, blatantly lying, “We sincerely apologize for any harm we caused and promise to never return except with tribute to our LoD masters.”

In a vengeful show of force against any who might consider assaulting the Motherland, Our Glorious Leader led a team to scour the countryside for foes and dismantled a small group of Zealot warring the peaceful race of Earth Elementals. Although technically not within our boundaries, LoD made it clear that this is our territory, and the loot laden Zealots returned home battered and broken.

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