General Updates

LoD preparing for Fury Challenge.

Although the technical difficulties have led many LoD to pass Fury by. The recent patches have started to turn fury back into a game and we are preparing ourselves for the fury challenge. Right now we are looking for members and lords of LoD to come play this game with us and help us win a part of $2,000,000 in prizes. That’s right. The developers have lined up an extra million dollars in sponsors.The developers are also working on an optimized release client. They will be making this available soon for testing and they say it should fix all the performance…

General Updates

The Fury Challenge.

A small group of LoD have discovered a game called Fury. We have been playing it for the better part of two months. The creators of the game have recently announced “The Fury Challenge”. They claim over $1,000,000 in prizes to be won. Hmm. Those prizes don’t add up to $1,000,000. Either way, the game is pretty fun. There is no PvE. Only PvP. If you are interested in checking it out. Go to right now!

General Updates

Age of Conan… Age of LoD?

Age of Conan is said to have some promise. The developers are even open to a server with rules like looting and open killing. This last week they showed a demo and gave some info about their siege system at “The basic plan is to form a guild then begin constructing buildings in predetermined areas of the game world. Cities will start out quite small, first as trade posts and small houses. Eventually guilds can add fortifications and larger buildings to their claimed area, along with high walls and an inner keep.” “However, cities won’t necessarily last forever. Since…