Lords of Death

We Make Dead People.

But Tonieeeeght?!

AoC has been fun. PvP is great, but you can’t loot, right? Wrong. Sometimes you just need to be creative. Sometimes you need to exploit mass recruiting guilds that add anyone to their guild bank access. Sometimes the stars align to make MMO’s fun again.

Day 1 @Apes

Here’s the victim in question…his name is Kegtoss and he one of the leaders of Affliction. Kegtoss was encroaching on our grind spot. Nothing new here, PK and begin the trash-talk.

 (Nice website guys: http://www.afflictionaoc.com/)

Day 2 @Apes

But wait…maybe he’d rather join us.


(The definition seems “sorta” close)

Until threatened of course…

(The crew exploiting the ape quest xp grind)


(Seriously, only posers wear Affliction t-shirts)


 (Gebus aka Luke the 1st (long grown up since his 14-year-old-days-of-torture in the Trinsic swamp at the hands of Lucent-dache) and Pujols (Max) actually got bored of the PK action)

(Did our friends @Lucid Vision get to this guy?)

Most Stories End Here..

This is where the juicy part begins. Read on for a tale of l00tz.


(In summary, we recruited away a disgruntled employee who wreaked some havoc on his way out the door)

Evidence of the crime…

 This helps greatly because LoD sucks at mining. (Tier 2 Keep here we come).

Affliction, you now have the honor of being LoD’s first guild-victim in AoC.