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Diablo III… ?!?

I don’t know what is more unbelievable…

An update on our website or the announcement of Diablo III. Well, its true my friends, the long long long long awaited successor of my favorite Blizzard game of all time, Diablo II, has been announced.

So far, they have only announced two character classes: the familiar Barbarian, and the newly unveiled Witch Doctor. They’ve revamped the character skills and created a 3D interactive environment… Thats right, interactive. You can smash walls and tables, and even used them to destroy enemies. No word on PvP, but if you are familiar with the Diablo series, then you know not to set expectations too high in that area.

The official Blizzard website for Diablo III, is done in flash with a movie trailer and a quick demo of the gameplay. It also contains skill demo’s for each of the classes, screenshots, a map of the lands and an FAQ page.

Don’t expect this game anytime soon, but know its on the horizon, and check the website for updates. I still have my old D2 Sorc and Barb, so maybe its time to fire up the old Diablo II for a little nostalgic fun.