Lords of Death

We Make Dead People.

UO Divinity…

Here is an update I received via email from a long time LoD member who has decided to grace UO Divinity with his presence. As you can see the servers staff don’t take to kindly of our ‘kind’.

Some people call it “Stabbin Cabin v2.0”, others (mostly victims) call it BULLSHIT.  LoD simply refers to it as PKing the easy way…bringing the victims to us.  On Divinity, this type of stuff is perfectly legal, although its obvious the staff discourages it.  So far we’ve killed everyone from n00bs to leaders on the “dueling” list (haha Slug, we own you), to entire guilds.  It comes down to social engineering — convincing someone to travel through a gate where a dispel gate, fire field, and mass Cor Pors await.  We still dungeon crawl, kill miners, and do some PvP, but we also still plot to kill and loot the easy way. -Murd

Seer Kortah shows up after being paged by an RPer.  Trance ebolts him and he decides to pk our pic of solstice being killed by Seer Korath as seen in

The reporting RPer in questiona sample pic of the poor victims.

With over 1200 players online at peak, and from the master programmers of RunUO & UOGamers: Hybrid, UO Divinity has turned out to be the Holy Grail of UO servers. More stable and bug free than the original UO could ever dream to be. With all of the rules that made UO so great for many of us. Look forward to many more Divinity updates from us in the future. We have screenshots from a lot of blues cursing at us, and even a couple Admins showing their love.

UO is back and dare I say better than ever.

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Guild: http://my.uodivinity.com/guilds/murderers.php
Individual: http://my.uodivinity.com/players/murderers.php