Lords of Death

We Make Dead People.

War Story of the Week: Epic 42 vs. 90+ Siege Defense


The Death Alliance rallies to defend our keep! The battle began with a 40+ Player Winterblades Force outside our keep. We rode out to face them and prevent their siege engines from breaching our walls. After pushing Winterblades back we noticed a HAX siege force of 40+ players attacking the opposite end of our keep. They breached the walls and quickly went after the wards in our keep stronghold. We were able to push the HAX force out of the keep just as the Winterblades rallied and broke through the walls. We pushed the Winterblades force back out of the keep and eventually routed them in the open field. Just as we finished off the Winterblades the HAX force attacked again and we were able to eventually run them off. We rallied back at the bane trees to try to kill them and end the siege but not before the Winterblades force attacked us again! We killed Winterblades one last time and shortly later took down the remaining bane trees to complete the successful keep defense.  

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