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Crowfall War Story – 5 Alliance Keep Siege


After capturing an undefended keep from HAX the Death Alliance heads to Essen Wildwood zone to hopefully intercept the HAX forces offensive siege attempt on Spectre Legion. Unfortunately, the zone is already full and we only manage to get a few players in. HAX successfully destroys the Spectre Legion keep but loses a second undefended keep in the process.

Once Spectre Legion’s keep falls, the zone clears out enough that Death Alliance is able to rally in the zone to prevent HAX from planting a seed to capture the keep. As we push into the keep to fight the HAX force we are flanked by a CONFLICT alliance force who we’re unsure of their intentions.

We push the HAX force out and then turn our attention to CONFLICT who begin hitting our back lines. We’re able to dispatch the CONFLICT force and gain control of the keep. Some time passes as we offer to give the keep back to Spectre Legion, but they ultimately don’t want it, so DAD guild decides to claim it.

Before DAD is able to get a seed to the keep to claim it, HAX rallies again and tries to push us out of the keep. We repel the HAX attack again and DAD Guild plants the seed to claim the keep. Shortly after the keep is claimed we’re surprised by a force of DIS alliance but are able to intercept them before they blindside us and drive them from the keep. 5 Alliances took part in this epic Crowfall Keep Siege!

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