Lords of Death

We Make Dead People.

W-HAX Alliance vs. Death Alliance Zone Cap Siege

WHAX Alliance shows up with well over 100 people more than an hour early to cap out the zone. They hold a respawn statue with overwhelming numbers to prevent Death Alliance from pushing them out the zone. After failing to take the respawn statue, Death Alliance sets up in the field between the keep and the nearby respawn statue. Death Alliance holds up in the field, delaying WHAX from placing siege engines. Eventually Death is pushed back to the walls and WHAX is able to place siege and open up a wall section. Death rallies in the breach and holds off WHAX long enough to begin taking down bane trees. WHAX makes a full push into the keep while Death’s forces are split between trees and defending the breach. Just as they push in Death gets a wave of respawns and the zone crashes. Upon zone restart, both forces rush out to the bane trees. Death is able to kill all bane trees but one before WHAX is able to rally. WHAX comes back to the breach yet again, but are eventually repelled by Death Forces. Finally, Death rides to the last bane tree and kills it along with the remaining defenders to complete the heavily outnumbered siege defense.

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